This is a Monthly Southern Gospel Concert Series held the First Saturday night of every Month @ 7 PM At the Bethalto Church of God located at
800 East Bethalto Dr., Bethalto, IL  62010

These concerts are for everyone  to come and enjoy. Every denomination is welcome.
Fill Your Church Bus/Van and come on out and enjoy an evening of Southern Gospel/Bluegrass Gospel Music.
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An offering will be taken,   The suggested donation is $7.00 or more per person and is GREATLY APPRECIATED. 

If you would like to be a monthly sponsor of this concert Series please contact Tom and Sheron 618-616-2815 or click the contact link below. 

       SATURDAY OCTOBER 1, 2016 @ 7 PM

                 "WOODSMEN QUARTET"
                       From Batesville, IN
Driving down the road on a hot summer afternoon back in 2004, Tim Woods heard the voice of the Lord. He said it sounded like God was sitting right in the cab of my truck with me. In years past, Tim, his four sisters and Mom traveled as the Singing
 Woods Family. As most families do, they got bigger and schedules get harder to work with. After 25 years of singing together,
 the Singing Woods Family stopped. Tim started a successful trucking company but working lots of long hours in the process
 took his eyes off of what was important, Jesus Christ. Tim said that he let everything come between him and his relationship
 with God.
Years later, Tim's youngest sister was diagnosed with having brain tumor. It shook him to his very core. "My sister needed
 prayer and I could not pray for her until I prayed for myself." as Tim voice breaks with emotion. So he got on his knees and 
prayed and asked he Lord to forgive him and to restore the joy of his salvation, and as Christ promises in His word, He did
 restore Tim.
Not long after he had rededicated his life to the Lord, Tim heard the voice of the Lord calling him back to the music ministry.
 God laid on his heart to put an all male quartet together. Through this ministry, they could reach peoples hearts. Time has
 passed and the group looks and sounds different, but the goal is still the same. We want to uplift Christ, to show joy and love,
 and to bring honor to his Holy name.

Full Speed ahead
The Woodsmen Quartet have been traveling and singing since Tim received his mesage. They have shared the platform with the best in gospel music, such as, The Gold City, The Kingsmen, Signature Sound, Dixie Melody Boys, Dove Brothers and have
 also been featured on the main stage at the National Quartet Convention. Most important to this ministry are the lives that have been touched--- from a grandmother who needs a healing touch from the Master Physician to a father who needs to rededicate
 his life to the Lord, to maybe a teenager who gave her life to the Lord at a Woodsmen Qt. concert. The Woodsmen have and all-star lineup consisting of Jim Hutson, Daniel Rivera, Tim Woods, and Steve Waggoner. Jim has sung southern gospel
 music for a while and he is one of best lead singers in the business. He was the very first baritone to ever sing with the
 Woodsmen and now he's back and better than ever! Jim is also the brother of Bryan Hutson who is most known for his
 career with the Kingsmen and the Soul'd Out Quartet. Daniel is no stranger to Southern Gospel music. Having sung with the legendary Toney Brothers, Blackwood Legacy, Promise and the 3rd Row Boys, Daniel brings a young but energetic spirit to
 the group! Daniel joined the Woodsmen in late 2013 and left in late 2015 and has recently rejoined the group in July of 2016! 
Tim Woods is the owner and baritone for the Woodsmen and he has the music in his genes! He is what makes the group and without him, the group wouldn't exist. Steve Waggoner is one of the lowest bass singers in the business and brings his musical ear and his musical expertise. Steve has been with the group for over 5 years. The Woodsmen love sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for us, as always, it all starts with a song. ♪
You can find out more about each group member by visiting their personal page above.