Bethalto Gospel Concerts /
A suggested Donation of $7.00 or more per person is appreciated.

These monthly concerts are open for everyone to come and enjoy. Fill your Car, Van or Church Bus. We would love to have you come and be part of these concerts

Come at 5 pm to 6:30 pm and join us in The Cafe for Food and Fellowship. This is a fund raiser for the Senior Adults.

 If you would like to be a monthly sponsor of this concert series with a tax deductible donation    please contact us using the link below. Thank You              

All Concerts Held At:

Bethalto Church of God
800 E. Bethalto Drive
Bethalto, Illinois 62010
Located on the corner of 
Route 140 & Moreland Rd. 

 7 PM
From Puyallup, WA
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After being in many different singing groups, a Father and 3 sons had decided to establish a singing ministry known as "The Taito Family" in the year 1997. It was then, they began their journey in singing and ministering together as a family. As the years went by, they felt the calling of God to move from Hawaii to Washington State where they're continuing to minister as a family singing group till this day.

In the year 2003 when KEEPERS OF THE FAITH Acappella Ministry was born, the group was formed with Acappella singing as its foundation. With a Samoan Heritage, the group was made up with 15 men. As the years went on, many of the members made different choices and went their seperate ways. This only left 5 members, 3 brothers and 2 cousins, and thus KEEPERS OF THE FAITH QUARTET was born. But as many of you know there was some women who joined in. With the remaining members, some of the men's wive's and sister's joined in. It was a time in our ministry that we went through some rocky roads. So our families offered their help to further God's Kingdom. This help came at the right time with a lot of encourgment to continue on. Many of the places we've ministered to have heard both the women and men. As we have progressed as a ministry we've been blessed with the addition of Edward & Carmen Leota. They have previously ministered in Hawaii and now reside in the state of Washington. They also add to this ministry with their unique sound. We believe God has always watched and guided over this ministry for as long as we can remember. The future of this ministry is looking bright and exciting with all the family addition. We will continue to do His work as a family until he comes back in the clouds of Glory to take us home.

God has blessed this ministry in so many different ways. KOTF QUARTET and the Women are venturing out in both big and small ways that we never thought possible for us. The Women and Edward & Carmen have currently started witnessing on their own. KOTF QUARTET has had the privilege to travel to many places such as Canada, Hawaii, Oregon, California, Kentucky, and various cities in the state of Washington. We also had the honor of singing at the 2011 National Quartet Convention for the first time in Louisville, Kentucky. We are currently based and operating in Puyallup, WA. 

Our goal as a ministry is to make sure what we do and say has changed our hearts first. We pray that people will see Jesus through us. Whether there be more or less, we will minister no matter what. We make sure we give everything we have because we believe God expects the best from us. We are not just any typical quartet who just do concerts. We have been part of many Evangelistic meetings and have had the privilege as a minstry to preach his word and baptize over 100 souls and more. It is our prayer as we continue to witness and minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music and testimonies, may many come to know and experience the wonderful and great love of God in a special and inspiring way. To God be the Glory forever, Amen!